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Plant Inspired Workshops

We host a series of hands-on workshops that help create appreciation for plants while also giving us a break from our digital lives. Sessions range from digital detoxing to getting the creative juices flowing. We do our best to make workshops accessible to everyone.


Digital Dopamine Detox

Focus on your senses. Feel the earth in your hands.

This workshop series gives us a chance to slow down and work with our hands, which can be a fantastic way to clear our minds. The goal is to take space from our daily stresses in order to cultivate a healthier relationship with the digital world.

Flex Your Artistic Muscles

Make something green and beautiful.

Plants are not only beautiful and support our well-being, they are also a source of artistic expression. Get inspired by the simple beauty of nature. Workshops include crafting Kokedama, Moss Frames, Terrariums and more.

Connect with Local Roots

Cultivate and connect with the local environment.

Develop a deeper appreciation for the local environment. This series of workshops makes it fun to learn about local flora while making hand-crafted products/take-homes such as infused oils and seed balls.

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