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Air Purifying Plants

Benji's is the GTA's expert in office plant maintenance. Our passionate team will help select and install indoor plants that purify the indoor air in your office. 

Plant Shed

Air Quality Benefits
of Indoor Plants

1 / Plants can remove pollutants from indoor spaces.

Plants such as the weeping fig, Areca palm and Philodendron have been shown to reduce airborne pathogens and pollutants such as formaldehyde, bacteria and mold.

2 / Plants can help combat the impact of urban pollution in offices.

According to research from the University of Birmingham and the Royal Horticultural Society, the presence of potted plants can remove up to 20% of nitrogen dioxide - a common pollutant, particularly in areas near busy roads.

3 / Plants are proven to fight VOCs.

Laboratory studies have shown that the potted-plant microcosm is effective at combatting volatile organic compounds.

Improve your office air quality

Learn more about how we can help you improve your office air quality

Indoor potted plants can make a significant contribution to reducing air pollution in homes and offices, according to new research.

Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 2022


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