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Greater Toronto Area Office Plant
Landscape Design & 

At Benji's, we're all about bringing tropical plants into the office space to beautify the space and improve employee happiness and air quality. Our passionate team is here to ensure your office plants get all the love they need.


We offer end-to-end services from office plant landscape design, installations and ongoing plant maintenance. 

Interior Plant
Design & Consult

Less can be more with plants, while transforming the ambiance of life at the office. Our team will help you select the ideal plant arrangement to match your office vibe.

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Private Office to Full Building Installations

Our team excels at meeting project deadlines of all scales. We organize our team to meet your needs. Our team effectively plans a seamless process with you from start to finish.


Plant Care and Maintenance

Our team ensures your plants continue to thrive and look their best after installation. We will work with you to choose a plant care program that best suits your needs.

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