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Nudge: Benji's Case Study

Nudge Rewards, an Axonify company, is a technology company providing a leading frontline enablement solution that empowers workers with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to execute consistently and confidently every day. Nudge Rewards is headquartered in a beautiful downtown Toronto office space, characterized by an industrial-minimalist design with a predominance of neutral colors. Benji's, a trusted indoor tropical plant maintenance company, has been providing their services to Nudge Rewards for over five years. These green installations not only enhance the aesthetics of their office but also promote a healthy and productive work environment. Nudge Rewards continues to look to us for interior plant care as well as our keen eye for indoor plant landscaping.

"The onsite staff are always friendly and approachable and are so terrific to work with. The health and growth of our plants has been amazing and the design of the plants around the office adds so much to our office environment." - Miriam P

The Challenge

Nudge's commitment to upholding a gold standard for how to integrate nature into a physical space required Benji's to be creative with its selection of plants and to ensure they retained their beauty and radiance over the years. Challenges included:

  1. Maintain a Diverse Plant Collection: Nudge's office features a wide variety of plant species, from low-maintenance cacti to sensitive high-light tropical plants. 

  2. Long term health and beauty: Maintaining the aesthetics and vitality of the plants over many years was a must. This meant ensuring that plants remained fertilized, pest-free, and properly pruned as they continued to grow. Mealybugs and spider mites are some examples of common pests that spring up despite the best care and need to be treated accordingly. Benji's has 40 years treating all forms of pests, we know how to get rid of mealybugs and we know how to care for spider mites.  

  3. Employee Happiness: As a technology firm that values their employee experience, Nudge Rewards wanted a plant maintenance company that shared their commitment to creating a healthy and productive space. 

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Benji's Plant Care Urbacon-1.jpg
Benji's Plant Care Urbacon-7.jpg

Design Concept

The design concept for Nudge Rewards' office space was centered around creating a harmonious, productive, and aesthetically pleasing environment. The industrial-minimalist style set the tone, featuring clean lines, open spaces, and a neutral color palette to promote focus and creativity. Various types of tropical and desert plants, were incorporated to infuse life into the space and complement the office's theme.


Benji's recognized the importance of incorporating interior design principles when selecting plant species and positioning them in Nudge Rewards' office. The positive impact Benji's has had on the staff is clear:

"Our employees love the amount of plants and the ambiance it creates in the space. It helps brighten the space and make it feel more welcoming." - Nudge Team


A closer look at Benji's interior design principles in this space:


  • Benji's carefully selected plant species that harmonized with the neutral color scheme of the office. The predominant use of shades like white, gray, and beige allowed the vibrant green of the plants to stand out, creating a striking visual contrast. Varieties of green plants, such as the Snake Plant (Sansevieria) and Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), were chosen for their rich foliage and compatibility with the color scheme.

  • Benji's also ensured that the color of the containers complemented the overall color palette of the office. The interplay of subtle pot colors along with the interior color complimented the workspace.


  • Benji's considered the forms of the plants to complement the office's overall design aesthetic. The selection included a mix of plant shapes and sizes. Small desk plants, like succulents and ZZ plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), provided a modern and clean look for individual workspaces. Larger potted floor plants, such as Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus lyrata) and Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae), were strategically placed in open areas to add a sense of grandeur and natural beauty.

  • Container Selection: To enhance the form and visual appeal of the plants, Benji's carefully chose minimalist plant containers that complemented the overall design. They considered the shapes, sizes, and materials of the containers to ensure they matched the office's aesthetic.


  • To maximize the use of space, Benji's worked closely with Nudge Rewards to identify areas where plants could be positioned effectively without obstructing workflow. The office's unique layout, wrapping around an elevator shaft with windows on all sides, allowed for an abundance of natural light and views of the lush greenery. Hanging planters and wall-mounted shelves were utilized to optimize vertical space, keeping pathways clear and maintaining the minimalist feel.

  • Plant Groupings: Benji's clustered plants in groupings of various sizes, using them to define different areas of the office. For instance, they created a lush tropical corner in a spacious area using a combination of tall and short plants. In smaller nooks, they added single statement plants to maximize the use of available space.


  • The lines in the office design were accentuated by the placement of plants along clean, linear surfaces. For instance, plants were aligned along the windowsills and in sleek planters, emphasizing the architectural lines of the space. This deliberate arrangement enhanced the sense of order and balance within the office.

Incorporating these interior design principles into the selection and placement of plants allowed Benji's to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment in Nudge Rewards' office. The result was not only a thriving indoor oasis but also a space that seamlessly integrated with the firm's architectural vision, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the workspace.


We have appreciated your great care and customer service throughout working with you. It is obvious you are passionate about what you do!"- Miriam P

Benji's expertly integrated indoor tropical plants into Nudge Rewards' office design, adhering to the principles of color, form, space, and lines. The result is an office space that not only embodies a calming and visually appealing atmosphere but also fosters productivity and creativity among employees. 

Over the five-year partnership, Nudge Rewards has seen increased employee satisfaction, which can be attributed in part to their plant-filled environment. Benji's offers end-to-end services ensuring the office and facilities teams never had to concern themselves with their interior plant scape. 

What Next?

"Transform your office with Benji's 40+ years of experience in bringing nature's beauty indoors. From custom installations to team building workshops, we make your office a tropical oasis."

Reach out at or +1 416 771 7490.

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