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HIROC: Benji's Case Study

HIROC (Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada) is a trusted healthcare safety advisor committed to providing a comprehensive range of insurance products, claims support, and risk management solutions.. For an impressive decade, Benji's, a premier indoor tropical plant maintenance company, has been a trusted partner for HIROC. This case study illustrates how Benji's expertise and innovative plant designs have elevated the ambiance and aesthetics of HIROC's office space, contributing to a welcoming and vibrant work environment.


The Challenge

Challenges: Throughout the ten-year partnership, Benji's faced several challenges in maintaining the indoor plants at HIROC. These included:

  1. Low Light Areas: Some areas of the office received limited natural light due to the building's layout. Benji's had to carefully select plant species that could thrive in low-light conditions and implement appropriate lighting solutions.

  2. Seasonal Changes: As seasons changed, the amount of natural light entering the office also varied. Benji's had to adapt plant care routines and species selection to accommodate these fluctuations.

  3. Tropical Plant Bugs and Pests: Along with seasonal changes, it is common to find plants developing bugs and pests that need to be treated. Over the years, Benji's extensive experience in indoor plant maintenance, spanning four decades and across various clients, has equipped them to effectively address challenges related to tropical plant bugs and pests. Common pests such as aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites have been encountered in indoor plant environments. Benji's has developed robust pest management strategies, including regular inspections and the application of eco-friendly controls, to combat these issues. Through their proactive approach and expertise, they have successfully maintained the health and vitality of indoor tropical plants, including those at HIROC, ensuring a thriving and pest-free environment.


Despite these challenges, Benji's consistently delivered a service level that maintained the vibrancy and aesthetics of HIROC's interior plantscape.


Design Concept

HIROC's office space, located on a single floor in downtown Toronto, Ontario, exudes a refreshing blend of modernity and practicality. The design concept revolves around creating an open, airy atmosphere within a traditional office setting. Light grey and blue tones dominate the interior design, creating a sense of tranquility and space. This color scheme serves as a perfect backdrop for the greenery provided by Benji's indoor tropical plants.

Benji's acknowledges the significance of integrating interior design principles into the selection and placement of plant species within HIROC's office. The positive influence on the staff is undeniable:



A closer look at Benji's interior design principles in this space:


Benji's carefully curated a selection of tropical plant species that harmonized with the office's light grey and blue color palette. The rich greens of the plants stand out vividly against this backdrop, creating a visually pleasing contrast. The plant selection included vibrant species like the Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) and Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) that added a touch of natural beauty and color to the office.


In keeping with the design concept, Benji's strategically incorporated both smaller and larger plants. While most plants are smaller in size, the placement was meticulously planned to make them easily visible from the cubicles. The three larger plants, which included Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus lyrata) and Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum), served as focal points, enhancing the overall aesthetics.


Benji's made optimal use of available space, ensuring that the plants did not clutter or overcrowd the office. Placing the smaller plants on cabinets allowed them to peek out from cubicles, creating a harmonious flow throughout the workspace. This placement approach maximized the visual impact of the plants without impeding functionality.



By integrating these interior design principles into plant selection and placement, Benji's achieved a harmonious and visually appealing atmosphere within HIROC's office. This resulted in more than just a flourishing indoor oasis; it seamlessly merged with the firm's architectural vision, enhancing the overall attractiveness and functionality of the workspace.





Benji's plant maintenance services have played a pivotal role in transforming HIROC's office space into a welcoming and refreshing environment. The carefully chosen tropical plants have seamlessly integrated into the office's design concept, enhancing the overall ambiance and aesthetics.

Employees at HIROC have noted the positive impact of the greenery on their workspace. The plants serve as a source of inspiration, fostering a sense of well-being and creativity. Moreover, the strategic placement of plants, including the larger focal plants and smaller desk plants, ensures that every corner of the office enjoys a touch of natural beauty.

Throughout the decade-long partnership, HIROC has witnessed a rise in employee satisfaction, with part of the credit going to the lush plant-filled environment. Benji's comprehensive services have ensured that the office and facilities teams never needed to worry about their interior plant scape.

What Next?

Enhance your office environment with Benji's 40+ years of experience in bringing nature's beauty indoors. From custom installations to team building workshops, we create a tropical paradise in your workplace.


Reach out at or +1 416 771 7490.

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